• Drafting, filing and conducting/arguing Writ Petitions, Appeals (Regular and Miscellaneous), Revisions, Arbitration Applications, Company Petitions and Quash Petitions in quasi criminal cases in the High Court touching upon variety of subjects including Labour&Employment, Taxation, Tenders, Land Acquisitions, etc.
  • Conducting/arguing cases on behalf of the Managements before the Labour Courts, Industrial Tribunals, quasi-judicial Authorities functioning under various labour legislations/statutes, High Courts and Supreme Court of India.
  • Institution of depending of cases on behalf of the employer before the High Court, Labour Courtm Industrial tribunals, Quasi judicial authorities under EPF & MP ACT, ESI ACT & all other labour & employment laws, defending of employers in various prosecution cases under labour & employment laws.
  • Drafting, filing and/or conducting Civil Suits of all varieties (Money Suits, Injunction Suits, Declaration Suits, IPR, etc.), other original proceedings and Appeals before the Civil Courts.
  • Conducting all cases related to and arising under the Company Law, including amalgamation, restructuring, winding up, complaints of oppression and mismanagement, etc., at all levels such as the Company Law Board, High Court, etc.
  • Conducting complaints and appeals arising under the Consumer Law before the Consumer Fora and State & National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission;
  • Drafting Special Leave Petitions in the Supreme Court, Written Submissions and Notes/Synopsis for Arguments;
  • Drafting Claim Statements, Counter Statements and Counter Claims and representing in arbitration proceedings;
  • Studying the case material & case-law and advancing arguments before the various courts / arbitrators / tribunals [labour and tax (both direct & indirect taxes)] / quasi-judicial authorities, at various levels;
  • Preparing briefs for and/or briefing Senior Advocates in High Courts and the Supreme Court of India;


  • Rendering expert legal opinions to the corporate clients on the applicability and compliance of the various laws (taxation, labour, Company Law, civil, arbitration, etc.,), researching judicial precedents, with updated Supreme Court as well as High Court decisions, in addition to keeping track of the legislative updates;
  • Holding conferences and meetings with Senior Managers of the Clients, studying their queries/problems and providing answers/legal solutions;
  • Drafting replies to the show-cause notices received by clients from various statutory authorities related to the above fields, advising on legal position and very important strategies;
  • Drafting and issuing Legal Notices and Reply Notices for and on behalf of the Clients;
  • Audit of statutory compliance of Labour & Employment Laws
  • Conducting Due Diligence of all varieties, including the immovable properties proposed to be acquired by the Clients and furnishing Reports, rendering Legal Opinion on title, etc.;
  • Drafting & vetting agreements and deeds, all commercial, employment / service and property related;
  • Vetting documents involving the Clients’ rights and obligations and advising;
  • Advising on drafting Standing Orders, Service Rules, H.R. Policies, etc.;
  • Advising clients on disciplinary matters;
  • Preparing checklists on the compliance of the various laws, including tax, municipal and labour laws, touching upon the businesses of the clients and advising on implementation thereof;


* End to end solutions and guidance / consultancy in the following areas with the object of prevention of litigation and industrial disputes;

  • Strategic I.R & H.R. Management and Planning.
  • Recommending and correcting potential trouble spots in personnel and human resource policies and practices, Industrial / employee relations
  • Statutory compliance prescribed under various employment and labour laws
  • Disciplinary procedures, drafting of charge sheets, termination letters, promotions, suspensions, transfers, etc
  • drafting, vetting and documentation pertaining to employment, right from recruitment to exit of employment, such as appointment letters, service agreements, non-disclosure agreements, standing orders, Industrial Relation Policy, Code of Conduct and discipline Rules, policy for engagement of contract labour / outsourcing of employment.
  • Strategies for the long term wage settlements and drafting of the same.
  • Categorization of employment, optimum utilization of man-power and machinery
  • Good working practices in the shop floor
  • Labour/Trade union management with the object of inculcation of positive attitude among the workmen, and their commitment to achieve the objectives/goals of the company.
  • Conducting of seminars on Labour & Employment Laws and satutory compliance.
  • Online legal sevices to provide opinions, agreements, bonds and end to end documentation pertaining to employment.